Identity Theft & Credit Management (Vol. 1)
Identity Theft & Credit Management (Vol. 1)

Identity theft refers to the specific crime in which someone wrongfully obtains and uses another person's identifying information for the purpose of perpetrating financial fraud or some other criminal activity. Identity theft is usually done for economic gain, but has also been used by terrorists to obtain cover employment, finance their activities and avoid detection when carrying out their attacks.

There is clear evidence that identity theft is growing rapidly, due in large part to modern technology.  The RCMP deemed it the fastest growing crime in the world with 1 in 6 Canadians affected annually and losses estimated at $3 billion.  Identity theft is committed in every place associated with daily life.

Methods include mail theft, stealing from residences and personal spaces, misuse of personal data in business transactions, phishing, and theft from company or government databases. The victims of identity theft come from every age group and all segments of society, and often suffer financial loss, damage to credit ratings and reputation as well as emotional distress. Many are also left with the complicated and often arduous and expensive task of clearing their name and credit rating.

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